Word of God devotional Blessed 2015

What’s the Good Word?

“This is my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life,” Psalm 119:50 NKJV 

God’s Word resurrects us. It combats fear and despair. His Word provides hope for tomorrow. It fuels our faith. The Word of God is our defense against the cruelties of this world. It allows us to endureWe can exist without God’s Word but we will be void of His comfort, peace and joy, not at all as God intended.

Spring blooms are beautiful but short-lived. The blossoms are often celebrated. Yet, it is actually the leaves that are vital for the growth of the tree. The leaves provide nourishment and rejuvenate the tree long after the blooms are gone. God’s Word sustains us and allows us to flourish even as the “beauty” fades away!

Achievements and promotions herald our personal seasons of “spring.” We can make gains toward reaching a goal or realizing a dream. Our accomplishments are like “blossoms” in our lives adding beauty and joy.

march camilla blessed devotional 2015     However, promotion and blessings can bring with them new tests and even temptations. The Word of God offers wisdom, stability and direction. His Word promotes humility, love and charity. God’s Word combats pride, arrogance and greed.  

I’m looking forward to spring in my life. I don’t doubt it may bring a few challenges as well. Yet, when I immerse myself in God’s Word, I am confident I can pass those tests that will eventually leave me blessed!

What about you?

But He said, “More than that, blessed [are] those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11:28 NKJV 

But Jesus answered him, saying, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’ ” Luke 4:4 NKJV

fight for it blessed devotional 2015

Fight for It!

I enjoy watching birds, especially in the mornings while I eat breakfast. There is one red cardinal in particular who always escapes my camera. There is a wide array of wrens, thrashers and finches. The robins are new this year. I even think starlings have nested on my roof. All in all, my yard birds pretty much eat and live in harmony.

And then there are the blue jays.

Their arrival always seems to cause a ruckus of some sort. The normal chirps and chatter quickly morph into screeches and clamor with their visits. Yesterday was no different. However, this time I was able to view the scuffle first hand.

The mockingbird is not a glamorous bird. It’s not brightly colored or even sings its own song. I refer to them as the town criers.  They are always chirping about something.  They are noisy.  And nosey.  No other bird bothers to come over and inspect what I’m doing in the yard. Yet, I will give them credit for one thing, they don’t back down from a fight.

I’ve watched mocking birds chase away birds three times their size. I’ve watched mockingbirds dive bomb a cat too close to its nest. I’ve even had to duck one or two in my day. They are fearless.

I watched for nearly half an hour as two mockingbirds chased two blue jays and essentially tossed them of my yard. They never tired or gave up. It gave me pause to wonder, why don’t we fight like that?

Do we really fight hard enough to keep our peace and cut stress inducing conflict from our lives?

How about fighting to protect our kids from harmful influences even when those very things are deemed the norm?

I’ve had to fight to protect the progress I’ve made in certain areas of my life. Sometimes it takes all we have not to fall backwards into old attitudes and habits.

I’ve fought to forgive and I readily admit it wasn’t easy!

fight for it 3 blessed devotional 2015  I’ve come to learn that to obtain those things that truly bless us, we will in some way have to fight for them. We may have to fight for a better education. A job. We might fight to keep our family together. We may even have to battle an illness.

There are times we must fight people to keep them from stifling us. There are times we are forced to fight the enemy and not be deceived.  At others, we must fight ourselves and every inclination to accept second best. And yes, there are even times we wrestle with God!

There is often some manner of “fight” that precedes a blessing.

If you ever watch a butterfly fight its way out of the cocoon, it often looks like it’s not going to make it. By the time it falls out wet and wrinkled, it looks like it has lost the battle. But moments later after a brief rest, it eventually stretches out its wings and takes flight!

We must learn to look past the fight and toward the flight!

If you’ve fallen, get back up! 

Fight like your life depends on it because it does. It won’t always be a fair fight, but with God on our side, we can finish our race and finish well! 

 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV

And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”
Genesis 32:28 NKJV

What to Say When There is Nothing to Say

Lilka Raphael:

Mark’s words here demonstrate here how we can bless those dealing with a serious illness or facing other trials when words are just inadequate. I rarely reblog but felt compelled to share this.
B a Blessing…

Originally posted on Life in Portsong:

As a victim of a poor memory, I remember only flashes of our first weeks in the hospital. Visits, conversations, tears, rooms, tests, scans – they all run together in my cloudy mind. There is, however, one event I recall with perfect clarity.

He texted to ask if it was okay if he stopped in on his way home from work. I wasn’t sure we needed a visitor, but Kylie agreed. Freshly diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, we were in the pediatric cancer wing where Kylie had begun her first round of chemo. By the time he arrived, our patient was sleeping and I got up to greet him quietly. I remember he put his backpack against the wall and opened his arms to hug me.


I am not a hugger…

This is weird…

He’s here for Kylie, not me…

Do I hafta???  Why????

I’m okay, I don’t need this…

Not a…

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He Lives!

Now after the Sabbath, as the first day of the week began to dawn, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb.  And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door,[ and sat on it.  His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.  And the guards shook for fear of him, and became like dead men.

But the angel answered and said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified.  He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

Matthew 28:1-6 NKJV


Good Friday!

And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground,” Luke 22:44 NIV

We each have our own “cross” to bear from time to time but nothing we face will ever compare to what Jesus Christ did to save us.

What we consider to be trials are trivial in comparison. I don’t think any of us can even comprehend the anguish it took to carry the cross, let alone endure a crucifixion.

Jesus experienced the same things we do, though He did so without sin. Our God doesn’t ask us to do anything He hasn’t already done.

Jesus had friends and loved them. He was social and mingled among people. Jesus dealt with His own critics. He had enemies. He was tempted. Jesus was wrongly accused. Betrayed. Talked about. Mistreated. Jesus even came from a “dysfunctional” family.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”  Luke 22:42 NKJV

How often do we pray like that?

DOGWOOD DEVOTIONAL BLESSED 3 15  On this Holy day, let us think not only about the blood that was shed on the cross, but also commit ourselves to better endure, persevere, stand, and pray through our trials.

Jesus overcame the cross not only to give us everlasting life but also that we may overcome here and now

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 NIV

DSC_2045 (2)

The Power is in the blood! His blood that was shed for us!   

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;

What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  

**Words and music by Robert Lowry

Blessed blog devotional New Day 2013 3


Blessed is the one
    who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
    or sit in the company of mockers,
 but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and who meditates on his law day and night.
 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers.   Psalm 1:1-3 NIV


give up to God blessed devotional 2015

Give It Up!

Give up self-sufficiency

Give in to Christ and be set free

God knows our faults, yet loves us still

Our hurts and pains are His to heal


Give up your sorrows, give up your fears

Look back no more on your lost years

Give up dwelling on past mistakes

Enjoy life! Give yourself a break!


Look up to God, enjoy His wealth

Give up the focus on yourself.

Christ paid the price that we may live

Eternal life is God’s to give


Our spirits ache and yearn for God

Accept His gift, it’s not that hard

Don’t die a death brought on by stress

You’ve tried all else; Trust God, Be Blessed!


Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,  casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:6-7 NKJV