B is for Blessed!

Persistence is necessary if we are going to receive the best God has for us. Each of us must persist if we are to finish our race. There will be trials and obstacles to deter us from finishing.

There will also be distractions to steer us off course and away from our goals. In order to overcome these pitfalls persistence is a necessary virtue, one that separates those who could from those who would.

Persistence denotes the virtue of endurance. It is essential that we stay rooted in the Word of God consistently and not just when we are inclined to. We must stay faithful, hope filled and fearless.

It is often not as hard to stay in a position as it is to get there. If we are going to get to that place where we can receive God’s best and stay there, it will require persistence on our parts…

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About Lilka Raphael

Author, Pharmacist, Autism Advocate, Gardener, Amateur Photographer

6 Responses

  1. "light and salt"

    Thanks for the reminder, Lilka! We do have many times when we want to quit…just say, “enough is enough!” But my experience with quitting has earned me a PhD. in “getting nowhere!”

    We must persist, we must pray, we must pray again, and we must be patient. I’m still learning these things myself…

    Steve 🙂


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