A New Season

Summertime hasn’t officially begun, yet I’m taking advantage in this change of gears to jump-start a few resolutions I seemed to have left back in January. The best of intentions has not produced the results I’ve been waiting for. June first is officially the beginning of the second part of this year. It is a chance for all of us to make conscience decisions to finish those projects and achieve those goals we were so determined to achieve at the beginning of this year.

I started the year off strong and then kind of let go the tenacity with which I was pursuing a few goals. Thankfully, all is lot lost. God provides us all with opportunities for second, third and even endless chances to accomplish our goals. Sometime’s my timing isn’t God’s timing and for all my enthusiasm, it just simply is not time for certain dreams to be had. That said, pursue those dreams and aspirations as if you have time left to do so because there is always more than one road that leads to a desired destination.

God’s grace is sufficient for all our detours and delays. Our mistakes and missteps are no match for God’s provision, seen and unseen that can ultimately get us where we need to go. With a bit of prayer and persistence we can make up for seemingly lost time and past opportunities that went the way of cooler temperatures. As I look forward to longer days and summer nights I thank God for opportunities I can’t yet imagine, finally trading those stubborn pounds for summer shorts, and a change from shorter days to lazy late nights, all while resetting my personal agenda of what I hope to accomplish and believing in what God can do. Once again filled with optimisim I look forward to acheiving my goals on yet this latest attempt!

I readily leave back in the cold of winter the dull thoughts and doubts that did not propel me forward. Instead I look up to twinkling stars, make a wish, say a prayer and prepare for the sun or rather the Son to  shine on me and move me along the path God intended all along

If you have a few things left on your “to do” list get started. I’ve you have at least started, make a firm commitment to finish.  Don’t ponder what you have failed to do, instead think about what God can do!  A new season provides opportunity for a new harvest.  Nurture any ideas you’ve “planted.” Don’t allow a few “weeds” to distract you from your desired results.  Pray and Persist!  With God’s grace and a bit of effort on our part we will  ultimately get  where we need to go.

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist

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