Miracle Grow

Bigger is better. At least that is what most of us in the Western hemisphere have been taught throughout the years. From the gardener’s perspective, I am always searching for ways to develop bigger blooms that are longer lasting and fruits and veggies that grow bigger and taste better. What we need, just like the plants in my garden, is some “Miracle Grow.”

Now the fertilizer product of a similar name can produce great results by adding to plants, fruits and veggies the nutrients that allow them to not only survive but thrive. We, too, can produce good fruit by adding our own special blend of “miracle grow” which consists of something that you can’t find in a box but instead a book.

God’s Word should be our source for the very things that would allow us to grow stronger, taller and bloom better. The reading and implementation of God’s Word creates an atmosphere for the miraculous. When we seek God first, then does He allow everything else, our dreams, desires, goals and aspirations to be added unto us. Enveloping ourselves in His Word and consistently seeking and applying its mandates allow each of us to do more than we ever could under our own power. God will do what we cannot do for ourselves; we just need to do what we can do.

We grow when we exhibit patience and perseverance. We grow when we pray daily for guidance in decisions great and small. Our miracle growth that stems from a relationship with God allows us to be faith filled and fearless. We can submit and obey. God’s Word provides the foundation required for our “miracle growth.”

We often look for God to save us from a situation when in reality He will instead get us through a situation. Our miracle often comes when we have nothing else to lean on, depend on or turn to. Our miracles come when we are at the very end, oftentimes so there is no doubt as to where our deliverance comes from. He is an “on time” God, not necessarily our time but when we need it most.

Set the stage and prime the atmosphere for miracles by expecting that God can deliver. Magnify your God and minimize your circumstances. Know that God IS able! The gardener puts down miracle grow because he knows it works, his plants will produce more than they could without it. We should have the same mentality and regularly turn to God in prayer, in word and in deed through submission realizing that His “miracle grow” will yield bigger and better results in our lives.

We should pray for God’s best asking that He enlarge our vision to align with His vision. The things we think are so great in our eyes are only specks to God. Jesus wants us to live abundantly but that requires work on our part. We must open ourselves up to expect miracles, recognize miracles and embrace them as God’s goodness. It is important that we do our part through prayer, patience, persistence and self-discipline so that we can grow into what God intended all along.

Bigger Boy. Better Boy. These are not nicknames for pets but instead kinds of tomatoes that have been bred to produce a good fruit. These two examples were developed when one plant was aligned with another to produce a result better than either single plant could alone. Likewise we too have the potential to produce a better yield in our lives when we align ourselves us with the right things and people. What are hooked up with? Are the influences around you for your betterment or to your detriment?

Bind yourself with proper influences and people. If you want to become more positive, speak with positive people. Stay away from people who are always negative or people that leave you feeling worse off than before you spoke to them. Choose the right things to eat, drink, read, watch and speak. See if it makes not only a difference in your life by how you feel but also in what you are able to do. The power of life and death is in your words. What have you been developing, manifesting and promoting? Are you setting a faith filled stage for the impossible to happen or are you hindering your own growth by allowing your own personal space to become hard, dry and barren?

Pray and communicate with God. Lazarus’ friends came to Jesus because they knew He could heal their friend. Peter walked on water because He knew the power Jesus held. You know what God is capable of when you are connected to Him, speak to Him and respond to Him.

Take an example from my plants. They turn toward the sun for life. We must turn toward the Son for life, not to merely live but to live a fulfilling and productive life. Have faith for growth, dreams and miracles. Leave room for the unexpected. Don’t minimizing your belief in what God can do. Don’t rely on your timing, for this will only leave you frustrated. Instead, trust God to do things in His timing which is always the best timing. Have faith for your future. It is impossible to please God without faith.

Faith lays the foundation for favor. Favor produces miracles. Did Moses have any idea God would part the Sea? Did the disciples realize Jesus would resurrect Lazarus? Who could have imagined that two fish and a couple of loaves of bread would feed thousands? Never underestimate the power of God and the part your faith, obedience and diligently seeking Him plays in producing abundance in your own life.

If you want some “miracle grow” then you need to “diligently go” to the source of all true life. Seek the Son. Receive what He has already done for you. Expect a good harvest. Develop a deeper connection with God and grow!

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist

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