P is for Perspective

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.” Psalms 34:3

perspective a) a specific point of view in understanding things or events b) the ability to see things in a true relationship, Webster’s Dictionary


The majority of angst, agitation, aggravation, frustration, anxiety, depression and disappointment we Christians face is not necessarily due to “enemy attack.” The mental chaos we often experience stems from failing to view things in the proper perspective.

Psalms instructs us that we are to magnify the Lord. In reality, Christians who ought to know better magnify the Lord typically at church services yet throughout the week, as challenges arise, we focus on and magnify our problems instead. We often do not focus on appreciating how great our God is and His omnipotent power. Rather we talk about (repeatedly) our problems, struggles and aggravations. If we would focus this same effort on speaking about the greatness of God we would realize how inconsequential our “problems” are in comparison. We talk about the things that are problematic sometimes to no end. What better result could we achieve in overcoming these matters if we would speak of the greatness of God?

Life and death are the power of the tongue. That is why it is important to speak of God’s goodness and greatness. This “action” of faith puts things in the proper perspective. This sets the stage for blessings and breakthrough. Your praise of the Lord acknowledges that you realize that God is in control, God is larger than your problems and you have faith that whatever you can’t do to resolve an issue He most certainly can do!  Promotion is in your praise. Progress is in your praise. Productivity is in your praise!

When we don’t magnify God and continually moan, gripe and complain about a negative situation the only thing we do is make our problems larger in our mind’s eye. Our words can distort our vision to where we, indeed, make mountains out of mole hills. We find faults where there are none and create major issues where only minor situations exist. This misconstrued vision is akin to viewing things in a carnival fun house of mirrors. What we see is distorted and warped, not at all what actually exist.

Magnifying God with our mouth maintains a spiritual and mental balance. We can then see things as they are and not make circumstances larger than they are. Perspective is vital to keeping it together. There is a common saying “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Magnifying God makes us see what really is small and not worth the angst and effort we give it.

Lastly, it is important to realize God’s perspective is not at all our perspective. The things that seem immovable as obstacles and problems that seem to have no solution are microscopic to the Creator of the universe. God cares for us so much that He can see the big picture and allow us to remain in situations we think would kill us because He can see the end that we cannot.  He sees the solutions from up high that we can’t see from our lowly perspective. It is like flying in an airplane. From 20,000 feet in the air you can see entire cities, counties and even some states. But when you are on the ground you can see maybe a couple of miles into the distance. The only thing that has changed is not the landscape but the perspective from which you view it. From high in the clouds huge things look microscopic (God’s eye). On the ground, the same things viewed from the plane as dots on the landscape appear large and looming.  The area may be the same but what you are able to see from where you are makes all the difference. Perspective is key.

The right perspective keeps you from making poor decisions. The right perspective can keep you from stressing and allow you to enjoy your blessing. The right perspective promotes peace and invites the presence of God.

P is for perspective. Keeping things in proper perspective promotes progress and productivity. The proper perspective lays the foundation for peace and serenity.

Father God, allow me to truly see things not as they appear but from Your perspective. May I magnify You and minimize my trials. May I voice our praise! Remove from me a tongue of death. I choose life and I choose to see things as You would have me to view them. Thank you for these things and for a new “vision” in Jesus’ name, Amen.


By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist

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