Pray and Persist

Sometimes in the pursuit of getting from point A to point Z we are often met with a few obstacles, distractions and detours.  Sometimes we can clearly see our destination but not the best route to get there. What we may think is a direct line between two points often turns out to be a circle that leads us right back to where we started! Or, what is presented as the best route possible turns out to be nothing more than a dead-end. So what should we do when we can see where we want to go but not quite how to get there?

Pray and Persist.

Pray to affirm that you are not only on the right path, but indeed seeking the correct destination!

What at times I thought was God’s will for me turned out to be the biggest headaches and left me suffering for them years later. I finally wised up and now pray first, then plan. I used to precede with my plan first and when it began to fall apart pray for God to hold it together. However, my plans were often never God’s intention for me in the first place!

Praying to God and listening to what He says gives you the confidence necessary to persist on whatever path He may lead you. I am the kind of person who wants to know the who, what, when, where and how all lined up in front of me before I even begin.

However, my walk with God leaves a lot of what I want to see before I start…lacking. I have learned that my walk with God forces me to take steps of faith even when I don’t know where I’m going. This requires that I lean on God, listen to Him and have an ever-increasing faith that He will do what is necessary to get me where I need to go. I no longer require all the answers. It is required of me that I trust God to be with me on my journey. I can keep going because I now know I don’t have to know how I’m going to reach my destination but merely trust in Who is going to get me there.

If you have a situation that you’re not quite sure of, or if you are traveling a path that God has placed you on yet doubt is attacking you at every turn, pray and persist!

“Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 NKJV

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. A great post. You have the right attitude, one which we can all make an example of! A great quote I once heard went like this…”Faith is taking the first step out, even though you can’t the rest of the staircase…”



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