Walking in Sunshine

Kim Gossling over at Chronic Conditions and Life Lessons nominated me for the Sunshine Award a good while back. We share a lot in common as mothers who have had to “manage” a condition in a child. We both tend to look toward the positives and lessons of faith and family that come from our experiences. Kim and I both love photography of flowers, wild life and share our faith in a God who is larger than the obstacles we face.

The Sunshine Award is for “positively and creatively” inspiring bloggers. It is definitely my goal to be positive. We are all faced with enough negatives each day as it is.  I’m constantly working on the “creative.” This process of blogging has actually stirred a passion for photography that is borderline addictive! Yet my new passion has also revealed so much through a different perspective that fuels my faith and stirs passion to share what I see with others.

Kim has my sincere thanks for is inspiring me!  In accepting this award here are ten things about myself. A few bloggers have asked me to share a bit more so here goes…

I am an introvert, I know you probably can’t tell from some of my comments on your blogs but it’s true!

I am officially the cat lady on the corner. Not really officially but I figure my stray porch cats earn their keep by keeping mice and snakes away (see next post). I also have a black indoor cat  named “Lucky.”  DSC_7107 (2)

I don’t like crowds (which may have something to do with being relatively short and unable to see when I’m in them!)

I’ve been married over twenty years to the hubby I met my last year in college.

Chocolate is therapy.

My mother and I were spared from a head on collision with a semi-truck. Traffic literally (in slow motion, just like the movies) parted like the Red Sea on I-475  outside of Atlanta. My mother had been praying to know God was with her. After that experience I told her to please stop praying for that.  It was clear He was and my heart couldn’t take much more!

I am the only person in my immediate family (not hubby’s) who did not pursue teaching as a profession. 

My mother’s maiden name, Shinholster, is German. My maiden name, Finley, is Irish.  My married name, Raphael, is French. Go Figure!

I am named after my mother, Kay. I was nicknamed  “Little Kay” before I was born and my father shortened it to Lilka. While my mother was in recovery someone let him sign the birth certificate.

I’m very grateful you’ve taken the time to read stop by and read this today!

My nominees for The Sunshine Award are











These blogs make my day a little brighter and I suspect they will do the same for you!

If you choose to accept this award, the “rules” are that you post the award on your site (you can create an awards page if you like), tell ten things about yourself  and nominate ten other blogs.  There is no pressure from me to “accept” this award. I do think they are a great way to expose bloggers to great reads they may not find on their own.

May you read and write where the Son/Sun shines on you!

“But the path of the just [is] like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18 NKJV


































By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. This is such a surprise. Thanks for the thought; may God continue to bless you…My computer is acting up so badly it is all I can do not to drop it off a 5 story building. Saying that to say: I will just imbibe the pleasure of this award without having to click and change links. vw
    BTW: love the format of your blog, it is so easy to scroll, read, like. Not like some where you have to dig to find the article.


    1. You are so welcome!

      Don’t drop the computer though I can relate to the feeling. Thanks for the comment about the blog’s setup. Sometimes I wonder if it’s too “simple” but it suits me. I appreciate that feedback 🙂 B Blessed!


  2. I REALLY liked this side of you. You’re quiet funny! I laughed out loud on several occasions! Thank you so much for passing this over to me with a nomination. I had so much fun reading yours I have no idea how to follow it up! God bless you!

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory


    1. You are so deserving and so full of life. God is using you in such a great way!

      I’m glad I gave you a bit of laughter. I like to think God would have us reflect a little joy sometimes when we deliver His message 🙂


    1. Right click on the image and copy the url. You can then add it as a widget in your sidebar by pasting it, naming it and placing it in the numerical order you want on your sidebar. You can “google” the image and get the url or just copy mine which I”m sure I copied from Kim’s blog. That is the easiest way I know to do it, I’m not tech saavy at all but that should work.

      I also added you an an author to my autism site so let me know if you received the “invitation” via WordPress. I hope that helps!


      1. Lilka,

        Hope all is well with you today. I purchased your books today and I am looking forward to reading them. Also, I have not received the author invite as of yet.

        Be blessed always,

        Lionel Sneed



  3. Thank you for the most beautiful ‘acceptance.’ Congratulations to you, once again. I did not ‘know’ we have the love of chocolate in common….:) Wishing you a happy day.


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