Everything Has a Purpose!

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to [His] purpose,” Romans 8:28 NKJV

I was walking toward the front of my house this morning when this visitor caught me by surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt there are snakes around my house. They are pretty common here in Georgia. However, I don’t usually see one lying about so casually in the middle of the day all out in the open. Where is a hawk when you need one!

My oldest son came downstairs as I was going to get a can of hornet spray (crazy, I know) and try to kill it shoo it away. Cam wants to become a vet so his first response was “let me see it!” So we stepped outside the front door and sure enough the snake is still there. It had not moved. One inch.

As I’m clinging to the can of Raid, Cam looks at me and says, “You shouldn’t kill it. They eat rats. Don’t kill it just to kill it.”

I’m proud of him yet annoyed that of all the things I’ve taught him, he chooses to remember that one tidbit as I’m thinking to myself where is that shovel?

We look a bit closer and the snake apparently has just swallowed something.

This black racer or king snake or whatever it is reminded me that the things we often like the least in life serve a valuable purpose. Some of the very hardships we would choose to do without teach us the most. It is often the painful, ugly and difficult experiences that make us better people.

For some of us it takes an illness to find out how strong we really are. Disappointment teaches us humility. Compassion is often a byproduct of pain. God often allows the “ugly” people and circumstances in our lives to bring about a better outcome. We just have to look and think beyond what we see to how God can use it.  DSC_9534 (2)

Some people now working in their “dream jobs” never would if they hadn’t  first gotten fired elsewhere. Our enemies can often push us toward our Savior and His blessings when nothing else will do it! Sometimes the very things in life that seem to push us down actually propel us forward.

Then there are other times when a frustrating inconvenience later turns out to be life-saver. The flat tire you discover before work spares you from a fatal accident. Running late because of your kids keeps you out of harm’s way. The car that was sold out from under you later turns out to be a “lemon.”

We don’t always have to understand how or why? Trusting God is enough.

Sometimes the best route is not the most direct route. Our God knows what we need and when to get us where He wants us to go. His provision in Biblical times was often unconventional and miraculous. It is no less so, today.

So, if you are plagued with doubts or a situation looks hopeless, turn to God and trust Him. God can do the impossible!

He’s just going to do it His way.

About Lilka Raphael

Author, Pharmacist, Autism Advocate, Gardener, Amateur Photographer

20 Responses

  1. Great message Lilka, but oh my gosh, I would have freaked out! Remember that my daughter has a corn snake kept in her room (in its vivarium thank goodness!) but she would have said exactly the same as your son!!
    Did the snake go away of its own accord? You are so right about God using situations to bring about better things in life for us. If I hadn’t lost my job I wouldn’t be here typing this message to you right now on your blog. A series of adverse circumstances propelled (shoved) me into my writing career which would never would have happened otherwise.
    Another great post about trusting God. Thank you and God bless you my dear friend 🙂 ❤
    PS But I hope you don't have any more snakes lying out on your lawn like that 😉


  2. "light and salt"

    So true, Lilka! Everything on earth serves a purpose…the food chain, ordered by God, is actually perfect in operation even if we may not like seeing some of those varmints!

    And in life, some of those unpleasant things we encounter are meant to led us to better places. All things are under God’s control and work for the eventual good of His children.

    Great post, my dear…

    Steve Pejay


      1. "light and salt"

        And so it goes with the Lord and His ways! We just can’t see and understand as He does. Yet we trust that all things work for good to those who love Him…

        Believe this, God is not yet done with His purposes in this world!

        Have a super day in His grace, Lilka…



  3. Very good post and so true.
    Like your son, I like snakes and see no need to kill those who are helpful..Now those poisonous ones we have here in this great state of ours–that’s a different matter. 😉 Elizabeth


  4. Kim L.

    I really needed this today. This post has really inspired me to stop worrying & continue to pray. I will trust in the Lord & wait on Him.


  5. atimetoshare

    I love this. My son brought home a snake one day and because his hands were full of snake, he used his elbow to ring the doorbell. Needless to say I went into panic mode. I love the way you are using personal experience into you posts. Beautiful.


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