How Do You View It?

perspective a) a specific point of view in understanding things or events b) the ability to see things in a true relationship, Webster’s Dictionary

The majority of the frustration and anxiety we face is not necessarily due to an “enemy attack.” The mental chaos we sometimes experience stems from failing to view things in the proper perspective.

Psalms teach us to “Magnify the Lord.” However, many Believers who magnify the Lord at church services obsess about and magnify their problems when challenges arise.

We sometimes fail to appreciate just how great our God is and His omnipotent power. Instead, we may talk (repeatedly) of our problems, struggles and daily aggravations.

If we would put the same effort into acknowledging the greatness of our God as we do reiterating our circumstances, we would realize how inconsequential most of our “problems” are in comparison to Him.

God is larger than your “situation” or whatever you are dealing with. You must have faith that what you can’t do, God can do for you!

When we continually moan, gripe and complain the only thing we do is enlarge our “thing” in our mind’s eye. Our negative words distort our vision. We can find faults where there are none and create major issues out of minor annoyances.

The wrong perspective is akin to viewing life in a carnival house of mirrors. What we see is distorted and warped, not at all reality.

The right perspective guides us away from poor decisions. The right perspective eliminates stress and allows us to live blessed.   DSC_8501 (3)

P is for perspective. Changing how you view it might just get you through it!  

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. I like a saying which I saw once…”Don’t tell God you have a big problem…tell your problem you have a big God!” We always need to stop in the midst of trials and repeat that to ourselves. Trust in God to “get us through” all things. And stop the crying!!!!

    Great post and thoughts, Lilka.

    The True Light


  2. “We sometimes fail to appreciate just how great our God is and His omnipotent power. Instead, we may talk (repeatedly) of our problems, struggles and daily aggravations.”

    Lilka, if you said nothing else but this, that would have said it all! This is simply POWERFUL and so on point! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our problems we miss the glory of God in the mist of trouble. This is were we can and will find deliverance if we open our eyes and ears to his overwhelming presence.

    Sorry I got on my soap box; I couldn’t help it, the preacher in me took over…lol.


    1. Ha! You can preach here any ol’ time! 🙂 lol

      As always I’m preaching to myself as the words come through the keyboard. Sometimes the very thing we are looking for is in front of us all along…

      B Blessed, my brother!


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