Welcome Spring!

It is now officially Spring! Flowers have gradually begun to bloom, birds are singing with a renewed fervor and all manner of critters in my corner of the world are rejoicing.

The activity of the three Bs (birds, bees and butterflies) finally caught up with the calendar. This week I was fortunate to enjoy their presence and their signal of a new season.

Yet, unlike the seasons on the calendar, our personal seasons are unpredictable. They can arrive at any time.

A harsh winter often catches us unaware. It may arrive in the midst of the seasonal sun. Or, we may reap a bountiful harvest when there are few signs of life and the frozen sky still stands gray.

b blessed devotional first bee 2015 I’ve decided to mentally “spring forward” even though my plans (ha ha!) have yet to catch up with me. I’ve been waiting for a few changes all the while I suppose God is waiting for me to mature enough to handle them. Our seasons of bounty and new fruit eventually follow the long seasons of preparation and patience.

While we may think we’re ready for (fill in your personal blank) God may be waiting for us to get a little stronger, possibly a bit wiser or even gain experience so we can conquer the challenges that inevitably accompany our blessings.

And there will be challenges.

We often pray for a new this or that, yet rarely do we expect or prepare for the burden that comes with the blessing.

When God answers our prayers we often receive more than we asked for. It isn’t always a “good thing” but it may be necessary.

With that promotion may come huge responsibilities.

New house!? New mortgage.

Sometimes our answered prayers may even come with unanswered questions!

Often that little bit of “extra” keeps us grounded and humble.

It may very well be that our something “extra” allows us to keep our spiritual eyes on our Savior instead of recklessly worshiping the very “thing” God blessed us with!

So, as I wait (patiently) for a few positive changes, I am thankful for what I do have and look forward with faith that my spring will come. It may not follow the dictates of a calendar but I’ve learned God’s timing is always perfect.

I trust that when my personal spring does arrive, I am mature and wise enough to manage my harvest as God would have me to.

welcome spring 2015 robin blessed devotional  In the meantime, I will enjoy the blessings associated with this time of year. I will think forward and spring forward embracing even more of the sun’s Son’s warmth while I wait.

Will you?

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”  Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. Whew!! Lilka, you couldn’t have said it better. It is so true regarding our unpredictable personal life seasons. And just as you have stated “In the meantime, I will enjoy the blessings associated with this time of year. I will think forward and spring forward embracing even more of the sun’s Son’s warmth while I wait.” I will do the same. Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening post.

    Be A Blessing!


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  2. Spring? I think Mother Nature has bypassed New York City. It is snowing here like crazy!! The streets are an icy slick nightmare mess and I almost fell several times coming home from work. I think NYC weather is a cruel joke that never ends! My life like the weather has lots of ups and downs, back & forth. I’m certainly not going to win any awards for being a good Christian!

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    1. None of us will! But that’s okay. It only matters that we do our best, whatever that is . We need only keep at it and never give up!
      The Northeast has had more than it’s share of winter. That’s just one of the reasons I’m here in Georgia! We all have our ups and downs but eventually….spring does come! 🙂


  3. Sometimes it really is a case of be careful what you wish – or pray – for! Beautifully encouraging post, filled with the joys of spring and endless possiblities. I hold to that. Bless you dear Lilka, have a beautiful weekend with your three ‘Bs’ 🙂

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