God and The Garden Devotionals

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Anyone who has ever made attempts at gardening, on any scale, will usually admit that the tasks involved probably took more energy than anticipated. The eventual harvest of pretty plants and fruitful bounty do not come about without hours of weeding, fertilizing, watering, pruning and often times praying.

Pests must be thwarted from destroying hours of work. Sometimes it appears everything from beetles to bunnies and caterpillars to cardinals are deliberately working to sabotage the best-laid plans. Some pests are obvious like a black fungus blighting the rose bush. Others, such as root rot, lie unseen beneath the surface but are just as deadly.

Careful consideration and prudent planning bring forth the greatest yields and abundant bounty in the best of gardens. These same concepts can be applied to our everyday lives and are essential for the maturation of our spiritual selves.    DSC_7572 (2)

God is the greatest Gardener. The Garden of Eden is the backdrop for one of the most pivotal chapters in the Bible. Adam and Eve were in a Garden and in this garden they enjoyed the very presence of God. We too can enjoy God’s presence and His peace when we allow Him into our own personal “gardens.”

In the image of our Creator, we too can “grow” our own “gardens.” But for abundant harvests we must be well aware of successful gardening principles. Many of these concepts are illustrated as parables in the Bible.

Lessons that teach of reaping, sowing, pruning and harvests are repeated in the Bible. References to vines, trees and the importance of being fruitful are plenteous throughout God’s Word. It is not a coincidence that God’s instruction manual for us, The Bible, uses gardening illustrations to explain the difference between life and death, success and defeat in simple illustrations that we would understand. When we actively apply these lessons and more, we reach the personal heights and fulfill the dreams God has placed in each of us.

You can plant wildly and blindly and end up with a complete mess.  Or you can plan and then plant taking into account various factors such as “soil, season, and seed,” to yield the best harvest possible.

Have you really given thought to what you want out of your own personal harvest? How are you going to use the resources available to you? Do you want annuals for immediate short-term gratification, perennials for steady recurring results or are you patient enough to wait for hardwoods to grow that will take longer to develop yet provide a lasting presence over time?   blsd tree 2

Are you willing to tend to a few pots or are you up to the challenge of taking on a couple of acres?  How much are you willing to pull weeds, fertilize and prune to get the best personal yield for yourself?

The answers to these questions will determine what kind of harvest you will reap out of your own circumstances.  Successful gardening requires that you must plan for the results you want and then prepare if your end product is to become what you intend it to be.

Hopefully God and the Garden Devotionals will inspire you to apply these principles spiritually and practically on a day-to-day level. These devotionals are intended to inspire you to seek a more lasting and bountiful harvest in your own life.

Bloom where you are planted. Bloom bigger and better than you ever dared dream before. Grow your own personal garden that exceeds your wildest expectations and even your physical abilities. It is truly God that makes a garden grow.  busy bee

I challenge you to invite Him into more of your life and see what blooms.

**God and The Garden a Devotional is available for purchase here and on Amazon


    1. Hi Steve! I was wondering about you as well. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad to see you are well. I will “drop by soon” Currently cramming two years of continuing education in two days!! B Blessed!

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      1. Wow…you have to be busy! Thanks for the reply, I had a nice Thanksgiving and look forward to what a new year may bring.

        May the Lord always love and keep you as you seek Him in spirit and truth!


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      2. Thanks so much Steve. Same to you as well. I pulled an all nighter and got 24 hours of credits done in eleven hours. God’s grace prevailed. I too am looking forward to the new year. Next project is finishing the “baby’s” college applications. 🙂 Peace to you!

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      3. It must be a time of so many emotions for you and your entire family! Has he picked out a favorite college yet? And will he be living on campus or at home?

        No matter what comes our way, we know to share all things in prayer to God. He will provide for all of our needs, as I’m sure you know!

        God love and keep you all, Lilka…


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