Root Rot!

Root rot is the bane of many a gardener who lovingly tends to plants and flowers only to find that what was once bold and beautiful is now slumped over and at death’s door.

Not obvious like pests or diseases above the ground, this predicament can lead to an unexpected demise as the damage is done below the surface. Everything looks fine above ground but the root system of plant is quickly deteriorating in a damaging environment. The pathway of nourishment and sustainment is no longer working.  Unfortunately, we can find ourselves in similar circumstances with that same deadly potential.

Sometimes we inadvertently place ourselves in the wrong environments that can also cause our demise or at the very least stunt our personal growth. Have you ever been in a situation or place that you really knew you should not be in? Have you felt convicted by the Holy Spirit when you are in the company of people who may not share your same values and prompt you to do things you know are immoral or at the very least are of no benefit to you?

Sometimes we allow comfortable situations and familiar friends to coax us to stay in a place we know we should leave. How many people are often thwarted in achieving their goals because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Many of those same people will often admit they knew they should not have gone to that specific place or hung out with that particular person but didn’t allow the conviction felt on the inside to translate to action to do something about it.

Just like plants that unknowingly absorb things from their environment that prove deadly, we can also absorb tendencies, habits and associations to our own detriment. The opportunity to absorb the worst tendencies from our environment will often increase when we are trying to be obedient and make significant changes in our lives.

When you are trying not to drink alcoholic beverages friends may prompt you to celebrate with them and cannot understand your newfound non-alcoholic tendencies. If you are trying to save money, friends or family may urge you to splurge because you “deserve it.” Sometimes when you are convicted about your speech you will find yourself inadvertently surrounded by people who are full of gossip and pressing you for your comments and opinion. So, what can you do?   blsd singl red

The only treatment for a plant that is suffering from root rot is to transplant it into another environment conducive its growth. The same is true for us as well. If you are trying to make a significant change and grow but you cannot seem to bring it about in your present circumstances you may need to get your own roots in a better environment.

If you need a positive attitude, hang out with positive people. If you don’t know any, meet some. Don’t go to the same places with the same people if they are adding little to your growth. We often need people who are doing positive things in front of us to set an example to aspire to. We also benefit from spending time around the people who serve as role models as they can help pull us up out of our weaknesses and show us examples of how they achieved whatever desirable traits we find compelling in them.

Oftentimes God, in His care of us, will transplant us out of certain situations. But as we mature, we should become aware of those places and people who are harmful to us and actively transplant ourselves out of toxic situations and company.

If you want to become more spiritual, spend more time with spiritually minded people. I’m not talking about people who are always talking and quoting scripture but instead people who are consistently walking it out!  Many of the most positive people don’t have to say a word. They let their actions speak for them. The most beneficial people do not have to convince you of why you should spend time with them. Instead, the God in them will reach out to the God in you!

Don’t allow fear of disappointing people to keep you complacent when you know you should be changing your circumstances. If you are convicted to move, do so. God will make sure He sustains you where you should be planted. Don’t ignore the prompting that tells you to leave a conversation or that a new acquaintance may not be all he or she appears to be. Many a trial or tribulation could have been averted had a person simply followed their gut instinct or rather “God instinct” and left certain people and places alone.

Make an active decision to go where you can grow! It may be a bit uncomfortable. People may wonder what you are doing. But don’t second guess your decisions to move where you can absorb something good in your life.  blsd seeking buzz

Complacency can often breed the kind of comfort that allows you to let your guard down because you are familiar with certain people and places and the danger is unseen. Flowers suffering from root rot often look fine on the surface all the while they are absorbing something toxic beneath the surface. It is often when the problem is too far gone that you can even detect an issue. Don’t allow that same sneaky rot to happen to you!

Make a move if you need to. Change your atmosphere and change your outcome. Don’t stay stagnant and absorb toxins in a poisonous environment when God is prompting you to make a move.  God’s intention is that we bloom to the fullest! Sometimes to grow it is necessary that we must go. It is up to each of us to protect our roots. Transplant yourself when necessary and trust God that you will indeed bloom!

Heavenly Father, allow us the wisdom and discernment to go where we can grow. May we have clarity and vision for where You would have us. May we heed your promptings and follow your cloud, moving to Higher ground as we mature in Your Kingdom. Thank you for this and other blessings in Jesus’ name, amen.


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