Weed Control!

Weeds come in endless varieties and thrive in the most extreme conditions. How is it that weeds grow with little effort when what I actually plant takes forever to grow?

Jesus illustrated a great parable in chapter thirteen in the book of Matthew. This story is about a farmer whose enemy sowed tares (weeds) among his wheat. The servants came to him and asked if they should pull up the weeds. Instead of the master saying “yes” to the servant’s request, the master says, “No, let them stay where they are.”

The servants were instructed not to gather up the weeds lest the wheat seed be uprooted with the tares. The master allowed wheat and weeds to grow together until the time of the harvest, at which time the good wheat would be separated from the weeds.

We often derail our ability to produce a good harvest because we give far too much attention to our weeds.

How many times do we uproot or abandon potential harvests because we give “weeds” our attention leaving what we “planted” to fend for itself?   DSC_9420 (2)

Our personal weeds are often distractions. We should follow Christ’s example and put our emphasis on what we are trying to grow instead of what we are trying to kill.

Often when you strive to reach a goal that will bear good fruit, you come up against obstacles that appear out of nowhere. Have you ever had to defer your own betterment because of sudden demands of family members? Have you allowed the desire for new employment or education to die because situations” come up?

The closer you are to reaping a harvest, the more tares you will find in your “garden.” As the potential harvest grows, so do the weeds. We must be wise and recognize when we should leave certain distractions alone! Sometimes, we just have to learn to work around them.   DSC_9461 (2)

This may be a different approach to tending your “garden” but this may also give you a different result!

Your weeds may be irritating, but they don’t have to be deadly. Don’t allow a few weeds to kill your dreams!