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When we take time to view the world around us we can truly see God in all His splendor.

He perfects the tiniest details in all creation, we can trust He does no less for us.

B Blessed!


**All images were captured by Lilka Raphael and are protected by copyright unless otherwise noted.



  1. Hi Lilka, if you don’t know by now I am a fan of your photograpy work. You are such a natural! I can’t wait until you get you’re works out there for public display so more of the world can see ;=) although for now I’m grateful your blogging community has the awesome opportunity to freely view them as much as they’s like. Continue to allow God to use you…in more ways than you know how.

    Be A Blessing!


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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. The majority of them are from my own home. The more elaborate displays (topiaries and orchids) are from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens just a few months ago.

      Thanks for finding me so I could find you. I love your site and look forward to reading more. B Blessed 🙂


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