Get Over It!

I was speaking with my oldest son about making good choices and telling him not to make the same mistakes I had. In his teenage wisdom, this kid told me to “get over it.”

If one of my kids tells me to “get over it,” there is a huge problem. My first instinct was to look behind me and see exactly who he was talking to!

God spoke to me through my child. It is hardly the first time He has done that.

FLY B IS FOR BLESSED DEVOTIONAL 3 1-2016 I suspect most of us have an “it” that holds the potential to keep us from God’s very best. Sometimes a painful reminder, or being tired and cranky allows our “it” to rear its ugly head.

Regret can morph into resentment and erode any forgiveness we “think” we have given.

When we don’t “get over it” once and for all our “it” will surely find its way back to us.

We are taught to forgive others as God forgives us.

Yet, often the hardest person to forgive is our self.

We may readily forgive others yet still cling to our own mistakes wondering about what could have been instead of what can be.

Abraham was instructed to leave his family and go forth into a new place God had for him. Still, Abraham took his nephew Lot with him. Eventually, that didn’t go very well and Lot received the best of the land that was divided between them.

 Abraham got over it. 

FLY B IS FOR BLESSED DEVOTIONAL 2 1-2016 Abraham knew that whatever he had with God was far more than anything Lot could take away from him.

We would all do well to remember this very thing.

Whatever we lose, or mistake we make is insignificant compared to God’s best.

In our weakness, He is strong.

Bury the past in an unmarked grave and concentrate on new opportunities God can provide this year.

Get over it and get moving.

God is waiting on you!

“Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you.”
Philippians 3:13-15 NKJV

*** If you have lost your resolve and your resolutions fell by the wayside, simply pick them up.

Each day is a new opportunity to begin again…

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. Some very wise advice in this post, Lilka! We do have to bury the past in order to move on with things in this life. Thanks for sharing your usual “sage” insights…


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  2. Thanks for this post Lilka, and it is right on time for me. I am struggling with “getting over” some things just as I am with forgiveness. I stay in prayer about both, and will keep praying to God to help me with both. I recognize that I can’t do it on my own.

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  3. So many applications can come out of this post Lilka…forgiving ourselves, moving forward, and God always has the best interest for us. I always appreciate what you share, the wisdom, encouragement and inspiration found in you words!!

    have a great weekend! 🙂


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  4. Getting Over It can be a hard one for us because we don’t want to make mistakes and we hold on tight to the past mistakes we have made. But to live a full life we just have to leave yesterday behind and move on. We should tell ourselves, “Tomorrow will be a good day.”

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  5. Hi Lilka,

    I’m glad to hear you responded they way you did because I thought it was about to get ugly for him. 😀

    When we take our time and listen to the message and not the messenger, God speaks through our children as well.

    All of us suffer from that “it” factor in our life. Not only in our relationship with others but also with our relationship with God Himself sometimes.

    Not getting over it tends to weigh us down and can easily lead us farher from God’s grace.

    Thanks for reminding us that giving and receiving forgiveness is the antidote for the “it’ spiritual disease.

    God bless,


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    1. Thanks so much Vernon. You know exactly where I was about to go with him but God made me hear Him through this child. Otherwise it would have gotten ugly!
      We are often our worse enemy harboring things that should have been long gone.
      Thanks for stopping by today and making time to comment! B Blessed! 🙂

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  6. Great article, Lilka. Every now and then I find myself wallowing in that place. It’s not a place to stay in. It’s a place to leave behind forever. Praise to Jesus for He has rescued us completely. Blessings to you…

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  7. “Burry the past in an unmarked grave and concentrate on new oppertunities God can provide this year”.

    Thank you for this great inspiration on today Lilka. I had barried my past before, but it wasn’t in an unmarked grave. So I’m going to dig it up one more time, but this time to transport it to a whole new “UNMARKED” grave, and I will never be able to go dig it up again.
    Thanks again my sister. May our God bless you richly on this day.


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