Into the Spirit’s Hands

Susan Irene Fox

Into your hands I commit my spirit.” (Luke 23:46)


Peter, Stephen, Barnabas and Paul (Acts 4:8, 6:5, 11:22-24, 13:9) were all filled with the Holy Spirit, as were many of Jesus’ followers (Acts 2:1-4). These four in particular committed their spirit into the hands of the Father, submitted wholly into the power of the Spirit’s leading.

Peter brought thousands to the Lord and became the head of the church in Rome. Stephen told the truth, and before he was martyred forgave those who murdered him. Barnabas was known as the encourager, and introduced Saul, later known as Paul, into the disciples’ circle. He mentored Paul during his first crucial years as a follower of Jesus. And Paul’s life was completely transformed when he gave his life over to Jesus and allowed the Spirit to guide his heart and mind.

When we listen to and…

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By Susan Irene Fox

Jesus follower, peacemaker, unfinished human. Body: over 60; Reborn: August, 2006. Writing devotional workbooks for new believers. Dedicated to using God's grace and unconditional love to bring people into God's embrace.

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