Sitting on the Sidelines

Susan Irene Fox


Last week, a United States Representative of Congress tweeted, and then doubled down on Sunday in several interviews about the supremacy of the white race, and that white folks need to have more babies in order to surpass the growing population of the non-white citizenry. This same congressman last July also said that white Christians have contributed more to Western civilization than any other “subgroup.”

Where were the voices of Congress denouncing this man? The only voices of public dissent I heard were those of the mainstream media, the so-called “enemy of the people.” Where is the courage, integrity and heroism we used to expect from our leaders? And why didn’t the House the Representatives issue a censure or, at the very least, a reprimand?

We have a President who lies the way other people breathe, and promotes himself as though he is still running for office. His own…

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By Susan Irene Fox

Jesus follower, peacemaker, unfinished human. Body: over 60; Reborn: August, 2006. Writing devotional workbooks for new believers. Dedicated to using God's grace and unconditional love to bring people into God's embrace.


  1. What is so ignorant is that we all originated from Adam and where was the Garden of Eden? Crazy people. I am white too (well, what is considered white) but I know from experience that the knowledge, blessings, history, etc we gain from other cultures is invaluable. My husband was a youth pastor at a church where the youth was 98% what we call ‘black’. We learned so much and gained new family from these kids..I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. 😉


    1. Absolutely. If we put on blinders and negate all the contributions and wisdom from people of color, we fool ourselves into thinking we’ve done it all. And ignorance begets ignorance.


    1. It seems that way, doesn’t it. I am most upset with the Republican congress, with the exception of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who seem to be leading the fight for sanity. His staunch supporters are turning a blind eye, which saddens me greatly.
      I voted for Bill Clinton, but never turned away when he so egregiously lost his moral way. I was angry and said so publicly. So should those who voted for Trump.

      All I can do is pray they have eyes to see, and begin to take a stand.


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