Loss of my best friend, and sister in Christ: Gifted to us from October 24, 1950-August 16, 2017

I met Susan in 1990, and knew that God had put her on my heart the moment we met.  Through the years we had the closest relationship both before she came to know Jesus, as well as after.  She was always the one who was good with the words, and could always express what I wanted to say.  Words escape me, other than to say that I have never known a deeper, truer bond than the one she and I shared.

She passed away at her home here in Brentwood, CA of a sudden heart attack, yesterday morning at 9:48am.  They tell me that she did not suffer and that there was nothing they could do for her.

Proverbs 17:17 says that “A friend loves at all times” , and I can tell you that SHE LOVED AT ALL TIMES.

Although I will miss her terribly, I look forward to spending my eternity with her.

Please pray for me and my family as we carry out her final requests.

Her relationships that she built here were very dear to her, and thank you for making a difference in her life and allowing her to touch yours.

Trusting Him,


By Susan Irene Fox

Jesus follower, peacemaker, unfinished human. Body: over 60; Reborn: August, 2006. Writing devotional workbooks for new believers. Dedicated to using God's grace and unconditional love to bring people into God's embrace.


  1. What a great loss. I’ve been away and was very shocked and saddened to hear that Susan’s bright smile (which always lit up my emails with her blog photo when she visited me at LightRoom (5wise.wordpress.com)) will no longer be there…I was always blessed by Susan’s wise words and writings,and faith. She is now a bright light forever with the Lord, where one day we will meet as sisters in Yeshua. Shalom, shalom… .


  2. Donna, I am recently new to the blog world (a few years now but still new) and Susan offered to take me under her wings and teach me the ropes of learning WP and blogging. I learned to love her and all that she instilled and wrote. She was truly a light in a very dark world. She was special and will be missed. I only pray that I will be a living example to live life fully and to love with all of me. I will be praying for all of your family and all of her family as you all walk out this huge loss. God’s peace and His glory through Susan will not be forgotten. She will be a light for a long time. Thank you for sharing her story and yours.


  3. Susan was one of my first followers and friends on WordPress. She was always loyal to comment on my blog posts. We emailed (also Skyped on occasion) and she helped to figure out my way, technically, on WP. Susan was instrumental in encouraging me with kindness, compassion, and prayer throughout my bereavement over the loss of my son. Her last email to me was on Mother’s Day. She hugged me with her loving words. I will always remember her even though I did not get to meet her in person. One day we will hug and laugh in the lasting light of our heavenly Father. But, now I think she has met my son to say, “Hi, Brandon. I know your mom.”
    We will all miss her until that day……

    Dale, Brandon’s mom


  4. Lilka and all who were touched by Susan and her gifts, even though I did not know her, I grieve with all of you. My prayers to all of you who hurt and suffer this loss. Keep the love that was shared and wonderful memories. These wonderful parts of Susan will live on through you not to mention the Spirit she clothed herself with as she enjoyed life with all of you.

    In mourning,


    1. Thanks you! Susan really was gifted and she extended herself to foster many relationships with other bloggers. She truly was a joy and she surely will be missed. Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words.


  5. I am stunned. We are talking about Susan Irene Fox, yes? I know it’s the dumbest question of the year but I can’t wrap my head around it. I knew her, of course. We had emailed, too. It’s funny bc she came to my heart recently. I wondered how she was doing. Om goodness. I know she we are to envy where and how she is, but the loss for those she’d known…


    1. I just found this in my WP administrator! Donna posted the news of Susan’s death to my site (Susan had all my info) so I’d think she is the one posting on Susan’s site. Donna mentioned she may look for some of Susan’s unpublished works and keep the site going. So sorry for the late reply! L

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  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. She must have been a great woman. It’s not easy to lose a close friend. They are very much like family, sometimes even more so. Best thoughts and wishes to the family as they process thru this.
    -kia (mike)

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  7. Wow! I am in shock also. I did not know Susan personally but she was a good blogging friend and we did converse from time to time via email and skype. She was a beautiful person and definitely a gift to us all. She will be dearly missed. I pray for her family and all of us who will grieve her loss.


  8. This is very sad. Susan was always an encouragement to me as I went through my struggles with Kylie’s illness and death. She will be missed, but I am comforted to know she got a huge hug from my girl that I long for.


  9. I am just beside myself, I cannot stop crying. I can’t believe it, I feel like I just spoke to her. She was one of the only people who understood me, both of us Jewish believers.

    We spoke many times over the phone. I feel lost and without words. Help me Lord


  10. Dear, sister Lilka.
    thank you very much for letting me know about sister Susan Irene Fox. Though we aren’t very close as blog friend as sister in Christ, I have learned so many precious things from her wonderful posts. I will miss her so much 😦 Now she already with our Father in Heaven where there is no more pain and suffering.


  11. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:

    I just learned of this when it posted to my site this afternoon. My sister in Christ had free reign to my WP administrator. I emailed her Tuesday taking for granted we would “speak” once more. I don’t know how Susan managed to tell me goodbye, but she will be sorely missed. Prayers, please, for her family.

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  12. A dear friend indeed. We just “clicked.”

    Passionate for Christ, an eager voice for the marginalized and an incredibly gifted writer, Susan truly loved her “neighbor” even if she didn’t always agree with a particular viewpoint. She shared her vulnerabilities to educate and support others. She survived much and she gave much. I am truly blessed to have known her. She will be sorely missed. Praying for her family.

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    1. Heather, Susan’s was one of the first blogs I followed when I started here. We just clicked and would post on each other’s blogs about love and race relations in the last year. She kept my blog alive while I tended to my mother the first of the year. She was really a “light” on WP. I was as shocked as anyone to learn of this.

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      1. I am so, so sorry. What a tremendous loss. I looked around some more and she had some amazing stuff. I hope her light will contine to shine through the digital realm even though she is no longer contributing.

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  13. OH LORD!!! I am crying! I know Susan! This comes as a total shock. Oh my gosh! So many around me lately have passed or are passing. I cannot believe this. Oh LORD! 😥


      1. I know Amy. I was shocked today as well.

        My post today was about trying to move past grief. So you can imagine how surprised I was to see this pop up. Apparently, Susan left instructions as to how to notify our little community. Susan had full access to my site and kept it active while I tended to my mother this winter. If you read Susan’s last poem on her site, it is rather surreal. She is at peace now. Peace to you in the coming days.


      2. I did read it and I too was shaken. Only 2 days ago.Susan posted and what she posted is almost as if she knew. She will be missed. Every time we spoke we always had such in-depth conversations. Lilka, every way I turn lately I see death and dying on a personal level. I’ve never experienced this before ever. I will keep Susan’s family in prayer. Death is so hard on those left behind yet it is so liberating for those who are HOME. Peace. 🌸

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      3. Susan is the fifth woman, all great woman of God, that I’ve lost in roughly six months. One being my mother and the other my mother-in-law just last month.

        Susan was such a sweet spirit and her death hit me hard. It was just so sudden.
        Yet today when I was outside watering plants, I realized my dogwood tree is blooming!! In August!? It is crazy hot here, besides it already bloomed right after Easter. One VERY large bloom in particular stands out like a white cross all by itself. Mind you, the leaves are turning and red berries are on the same tree right on schedule. NEVER seen anything like it. I’m taking comfort in it. I always find answers in the garden.

        I’ll admit moving forward is still quite difficult. If you need me I am here for you. Peace! I’ll be praying for you.

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      4. Lilka, I read your comment this morning and have been lifting you up in prayer today. Your losses …. oh Honey, you must be reeling. And here I thought my situation was a horror. I wish I knew you in real life so that I could say to you, “You need anything let me know and I’ll do it if I can.” And how incredible about your dogwood tree!!! We have a dogwood and I KNOW about the flowers and the berries. They never bloom at the same time. Never! My mouth is hanging open! If that is not your Mom and MIL and all the other women you have lost recently reaching out to you to let you know they are still very much alive and are with you now, I don’t know what is.
        When you are ready to move forward you will. I’m just getting through one moment at a time. Some days I honestly don’t know what day it is. Lots of memory issues going on right now as wll. I’m just so not “here”. BIG HUGS to you!!! 🦋


      5. I’m okay Amy. Fortunately kids are great distractions, comes in handy sometimes. You just take it moment by moment. I don’t do it all the time but I did ask God for a “sign” and I don’t think I could get a clearer one! 🙂 Peace to you!

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      6. Susan left me detailed instructions on how to post something in the event of her death. She felt a deep connection with you readers/ bloggers. I have never known a more loving, caring, unselfish person. As I go through her writings, I hope to find unpublished works to post once I can figure out the process. My peace is that she is HOME! Trusting Him, Donna

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      7. The more I thought about it I figured as much Donna. It seemed like something she would think to do. Susan was very well loved and respected in our blogging community. If you need ANYthing please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here for you. If not contrary to her wishes, I’ve had a few inquiries about arrangements for her. We know she is HOME and at peace but she impacted a lot of people here. Her absence will be truly felt. Lilka

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  14. Oh Donna, I am so so sorry for this sudden and way too soon earthly loss.
    Please know that prayers will be lifted up for Susan as her spirit now soars. Prayers will be lift heavenward for your entire family as you work just to get through the coming days and weeks and eventual earthly lifetime without her….


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