Today begins a new chapter. I’m feeling blessed that we made it this far…

GOD, autism and me

Orientation, “to acquaint with the existing situation or environment,” Merriam-Webster

This academic year for my “baby” begins not just with a move to the next school but rather the next state.

Now, towering over six feet tall, the time has come where he stands alone.

Our week-long orientation begins today as he acquaints himself with his new academic environment. However, new school, new home and new people present plenty of opportunity for anxiety, especially so for anyone on the spectrum. Lan confessed to just a few while I’m praying hard not to fuel my own!

I choose to remember God got us this far by grace. Something more is in store. I could not envision this day just four years ago when he began high school. Lan and I have come a long way and if you’re living in the land of ASD you can too. Here are my words…

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By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. “I choose to remember God got us this far by grace. Something more is in store…” What a great statement of faith! Is Lan short for his full name, or maybe a nickname? Good luck to you and Lan this coming week! Thanks for the visit and comment as well.


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    1. You are correct, Lan is his nickname. Since he is older now I “try” not to shine the light on him quite as brightly so as to respect his privacy as he grows older. He doesn’t mind my posts now but I don’t want him to suffer any regrets years later.
      It is taking a great deal of effort to choose faith over fear with him leaving the nest but we have a great support system in place and he is as determined as ever to overcome any obstacles. He has really worked hard toward this so we have to give him the chance to test his wings.
      I enjoyed my “visit” and will be around. A bit late but welcome to the WP 🙂

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      1. Thank you very much for such a kind reply! As a father myself, I can understand much of what you tell me about your son. And it is hard at times to choose God’s grace and strength over fear. I’m in a situation right now which calls me to make that same choice, and it is hard to do!

        Thank you for the welcome to WP and I’ll look forward to “seeing you around!”


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