In the World, Not Of It

  When listening to my Father’s call the world attempts to use disguise to lead me into my downfall when lies are truth and truth are lies. The Gospels lift me up to soar, and daily mind and heart restore.   The words of Jesus free my thoughts and bring me back to God’s embrace to focus on the things I ought; on love, compassion and His grace. He came not to condemn but save and all my sins expunged, forgave.   Abiding in the Spirit shows me how to be and how to live. Christ’s light from Living Water … Continue reading In the World, Not Of It

…and Justice for All

When you see me, who do you see? A Black face? Someone who evokes rage or fright, Undeserving mercy, grace?   When you see me, who do you see? Blind and white and deaf; loath to step into shoes of your pain, color, grief or plight?   When you see me, when will you see that I am a child of God blessed by the Lamb? I have been rocked back and forth this year by the violence in our country over race relations and a serious lack of understanding, grace and communication between us all. To be frank, it … Continue reading …and Justice for All