Winter Roses…

I was recently discussing how this would be the first Christmas in over ten years that we have no pets in our home for the holidays. We would always debate if our cat “Lucky” had been naughty or nice even as he precariously tried to become one with the Christmas tree within weeks of claimingContinue reading “Winter Roses…”

Mary’s Christmas!

As many of us gear up for the “holiday” season I think it’s important that we take time and reflect upon all the fuss we find at every turn. We are bombarded with sales ads, incentives to buy more, more, more and media outlets doing their very best to push the notion that if weContinue reading “Mary’s Christmas!”

God, Highways and Trust Issues…

I hate the highway.   Still, I won’t allow my fear of reckless drivers and potential dangers to keep me off the road and away from family. We can sit on the sidelines of life or choose to keep moving in spite of our fears. Then there are other times God doesn’t give us a choice, when weContinue reading “God, Highways and Trust Issues…”

Just an observation…

Yesterday I took a walk to not only shake a few pounds but stimulate my brain. As I’m enjoying the fresh air, I am struck by the wide variety of trees and leaves and how beautiful they all are. It then occurs to me, why can’t we appreciate people the same way?  The woods IContinue reading “Just an observation…”

Great and Grateful

Living here in the “Bible Belt”  I read many a church sign. Some of them are witty and others are down right weird. I did come across one that I did like. It read  “A GRATEFUL MIND IS A GREAT MIND.” As I reflected on that particular sign I thought about my various “states of mind”Continue reading “Great and Grateful”

Good Eats!

Apples and pears have never been my favorites. I eat them because they are good for me. They are hardly as sweet as my summertime berries, yet they fill me up and keep those hunger pains at bay. Fall fruits also last longer, aren’t nearly as fragile and help scrape out the yuck in ourContinue reading “Good Eats!”

Turning Points…

We all have times in our lives when we can look back and reflect on events or places where our lives took a turn in a singular direction. For some people this turning point is a positive. Perhaps a birth, a marriage or a graduation. For others, pivotal moments are directly related to a personContinue reading “Turning Points…”

Lessons From A Spider…

I do have a few neurotic and irrational fears but spiders are not one of them. Thanks to E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web I’ve only viewed spiders as helpful…as long as they don’t crawl on me.   There are lots of spider webs in my garden these days. Makes me wonder if they are moving toward theirContinue reading “Lessons From A Spider…”

Put On Your Armor!

And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor ofContinue reading “Put On Your Armor!”

Wait On The Lord!

We all have days, stuck in our fears Sometimes, those days turn into years I’ve had some times, not one or two To lean on God to get me through Years later here, in such a way God favored me, this awe filled day! I stood my ground, I kept my joy Chaos that loomed,Continue reading “Wait On The Lord!”