How Lovely!?

Emerging from a turkey induced coma, I was catching up on my reading only to learn that Clayton Paul Better Days through Better Ways… nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award.

Clayton has been a  “coach” of sorts encouraging me and many others just when I was wondering what am I doing writing a blog? And for this I am very thankful.

The kindness and generosity of other writers has been phenomenal on this six month blogging journey. I never would have imagined anyone would really find me in my blogging corner let alone give me the time of day as I posted my ponderings for the world to see. I think perhaps my blogging endeavors are God’s way of pulling me out of my “box.” I am indeed a very happy introvert!

Yet more than that, I have read words of other writers that have touched me when I’ve needed it most. Some posts have been “food for thought.” Others have made me laugh out loud. Some have even made me cry. I’ve been inspired, educated and fascinated as others have allowed me a glimpse into their lives.

Sharing your blogs with me has truly been a blessing.

So, per my award requirements, seven things about me…

I’ve been enjoying Christmas music for well over a month now. Yes, I am one of those people! Handel’s Messiah, Pachelbel’s Canon and other Baroque classics have streamed from my iPod for weeks.

I’ve been a pharmacist for over twenty years which has allowed me to meet some truly wonderful people both as patients and co-workers.

My favorite dog is the Shetland Sheepdog. I’ve been blessed with three as Christmas gifts and my sweet “Noel” is sleeping near me as I type this.

I have yet to find a kitchen gadget or cookbook I did not like.

Photography is my latest hobby. We’ll have to wait and see how that (literally) develops.

My inspirational writing began at some of the lowest points in my life. I didn’t realize at the time I was ministering to myself and would later encourage others with those same words.

Finally, I’m very grateful you took the time to read this! Time is precious; we can’t ever recover it once it’s lost. Thanks for sharing some of yours with me!

Now here is where it gets tricky. Many of the blogs I love have already received this award and the new ones I’ve found, I’m not sure if they will accept but I definitely think they are well….lovely. My nominees are:

Morsels of Bread

Vincent Egoro Personal Development, Relationships, Motivation through Christ

More Than Words

Adventures in LSD

Coloring Outside the Lines

Mind Body Soul Healing the Whole Person

Good Stewardship

Some of these are inspirational. Others deal with autism since I have benefited greatly from others who have shared their experiences with this disorder on their blogs.

Take some time to check out new arrivals in our blogosphere as well as old favorites. You never know what will inspire and stir your own creativity.

Merry Christmas and Be Blessed!!

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. Hi Lilka, thank you for your nomination! 🙂 what a surprise and gift indeed, thank you 🙂 your blog has also touched me in so many ways, I feel like we are kindred in spirit 🙂 well, recently The Invisble Sage nominated me for the Shauny Award and I would love to nominate you! Please see my blog for instructions.


    1. You are a dear! Thanks so much, definitely didn’t see that coming.

      I have been very humbled by the wonderful people I’ve met in this process. Your blog is really wonderful, keep on doing what you do and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


      1. That’s correct. Provide a link in your post to the blogs you nominate so others can easily check them out and provide seven things about yourself.

        I followed Clayton’s example on his post when he received his almost two weeks ago. This was the one award I could not find a designated site for such as the Versatile Blogger Award with the specific criteria.


  2. A “turkey induced coma” that is hilarious!! I felt just the same. In fact I just came out of it a couple of days ago;=)

    I can relate to what your saying regarding the the blog helping to bring you out of your box. I feel the exact same way. Being that I’m somewhat of a private person this was a huge jump of faith for me. And people like you inspire me and our friend Clayton always encourages. Which is awesome!!

    Congratulations on your award, this is definitely a “Lovely Blog”



    1. Thanks so much!

      I think I’m still working on coming out of that coma though 😉

      Our steps of faith have allowed us to meet some wonderful people. Be Blessed and have a very
      Merry Christmas!


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