I read somewhere that eagles teach their chicks to fly by dropping them from high heights. The parents will continue to catch their babies until eventually the chicks stretch their wings and begin to fly for themselves.

I dropped my own “chick” off at college last week. We prepared for his eventual departure by slowly nudging him out of the nest, giving him more responsibility and allowing him to do more for himself without out “hovering” to make sure everything was done to our standards.

Well, he is now settled in a nest of his own complete with a couple hundred dorm mates. The kids I saw as we moved him in looked excited, optimistic and ready for the future.

We “older” adults aren’t always as optimistic. We have experienced more “hard knocks” of life that leave us a bit jaded and perhaps a tad pessimistic.

“Realistic,” is what we tend to call it.

I enjoyed watching the kids full of potential walking around like they can take on the world. I am content knowing my child is confident in his own abilities. So much so that he had no problems kicking me and the hubby out!

And he was correct, it was time for us to go.

Time for us to let him stretch his wings, fellowship with other “chicks” and live his life without parents scrutinizing his every move.

It takes effort to hang on to hope when we forget that our Father created us to fly. Even though we sometimes feel like we are barely hanging on, God is always there watching and waiting for us to take flight.

Like the eagle, God doesn’t “drop us” until He knows we can fly.

 In Christ, we possess the ability to soar even in those less than ideal situations we loath. Still, we can crumble and fail to even stretch our wings when the fear of failure exceeds our expectations of God’s grace!

We must remind ourselves that should we fail/fall we too will be caught. Our wings may feel broken and our feathers a bit ruffled but our Father allows us to fall knowing it is the only way we will ever learn to fly.

 When we allow the negatives in life to build our character instead of fuel our fears, we can soar as God intended.

Sometimes those “youngsters” actually teach me a thing or two.

B Blessed class of 2020!

But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 NKJV

By Lilka Finley Raphael

Author, Editor, Gardner, Photographer, Pharmacist


  1. I believe the perception of Eagles dropping their eaglets to teach them to fly is a myth.
    They feed the eaglet in the nest.Then when they feel the eaglet has grown enough with strength & feathers,they will move outside of the nest to feed.The eaglet follows,eats & goes back to the nest.Then they go further down the limb & repeat. When a good windy day comes around,they fly to another tree to feed.The final part is down to the ground to feed.The Eaglet follows,It’s wings are strong enough! The Eaglet has been beating it’s wings for many weeks to strengthen it’s wing muscles.
    Eagles have just finished fledging their young here.The Eaglets have flown the coup & Mum & Dad are now going off for a well deserved vacation to their favourite salmon streams.
    sorry if I appear to be a know it all,I just love my eagles.

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    1. I can appreciate your love for eagles. No eagles, only Hawks down here where I live.
      What I read may be incorrect but your correct description makes the same point. The young have to become strong enough and move further along the limb until they can fly on their own.
      A well deserved vacation sounds great when my last “chick” graduates this May. I am also a nature lover so any correction is always appreciated. 🙂 B Blessed!

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  2. This post reminds me of R Kelly song “I believe I can fly”
    That’s where it starts with believing.
    There is no greater feeling than knowing your child believe in himself.
    You and your hubby did a great job. Congrats!!

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    1. Thanks Vernon! With all the obstacles beating our kids up it takes twice as much effort to convince them otherwise. Without faith, everything would look impossible. Thanks for stopping by and B Blessed 😊

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  3. “Sometimes those “youngsters” actually teach me a thing or two.” Oh, they do! Not a parent, but in my 20+ years of teaching, I’ve been taught way more than a thing or two from my students…and their parents! “Pray and give them back to God.” You’ve learned well from Hannah.

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    1. Thanks Susan! As a teacher you have many children and they can bring a precious perspective to any situation. Sometimes humble and sometimes hilarious. I find if I can keep an open mind God uses them to teach me many lessons. B Blessed 😊

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